Alternative Wellness-Brain Body Breathe

Services & Rates

NeuroKinectic Therapy

Per hour fifteen minutes: $120.00

This bodywork is designed to find the root cause of pain you may be experiencing.  Thru testing movement patterns via muscle testing, I can determine if a pattern is working or firing in the motor control center of the brain.  Think of a high school group project with 5 kids in the group.  Usually, one or two will do most of the work and then you have the slackers.  

The brain does the same thing.  A movement pattern becomes weak and the brain will call upon another pattern to take over.  This pattern may be called upon to hold for several different patterns both locally and globally.  This work allows me to release an area for a reason and to reintroduce that pattern back to the MCC.

CranioSacral (SM)

per session minutes: $120.00

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle yet powerful technique that is effective in releasing neck pain, back pain, and mental stress (among other things). It does this by optimizing the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spine and around the skull. Developed by physician William Sutherland, this therapy provides a very soothing and relaxing healing experience.

Lymphatic Bodywork/Breathwork

per session minutes: $120.00

It has been my experience that the body works on systems.  The lymphatic system is perhaps on the most powerful and least understood in getting  people get out of pain.  Two things move lymph..breath and movement.  Most people don't breathe well. There is a hiccup...a concept I call trapped breathe.  Be it a slip and fall, car accident, experiencing a  concussion or just spraining your ankle, there will also be a gasp or holding your breathing during that holy sh#t moment.

Now think of the sprained ankle swelling.  You are no longer moving well and your breath is compromised.  It does not  matter that this happened twenty years prior.  The wheels have been set in motion. The spinal breathing and lymphatic work that I will teach you in session will help towards rebalancing the body.