Alternative Wellness-Brain Body Breathe

About Me

 With over 37 years of experience, I am currently doing some of my best bodywork.. I have practiced for the past 10 years, a newer modality called NeuroKinectic Therapy(NKT) which allows me to figure out the "why" of your pain/injury issue as opposed to just working on the sore areas.

NKT allows me to test movement patterns via muscle testing to to get to the source of your issues. It can help with a myriad of issues from jaw/headache pain, low back complaints, shoulder/hip and ankle injuries and even pelvic floor problems. It has been my experience that where you are feeling your pain is NOT where the problem lies. History plays a huge role in getting to the source of the issue and it will take self care on your part to help in healing process.

I currently the Wisconsin NKT study group leader and have been a teaching assistant for numerous NKT classes.  I just recertified my Level 3 status (Dec.'19) which is the highest level in the NKT community.  I also incorporate the other listed modalities depending your history and areas of complaint.  Remember, everything is interconnected and no one system works alone.