With over 31 years of experience, I am currently doing some of my best bodywork.. I have practiced  the past four years a new modality called NeuroKinectic Therapy(NKT) which allows me to figure out the "why" of your...


Welcome.  For the past four years, I have been practicing a bodywork called NKT.  This type of work allows me to better understand where your pain is actually coming from.  The brain creates compensation patterns, with one area overpreforming and another area underperforming.  It has been my practice that the underperforming area is usually the pain that you are experiencing.

I take a very extensive history, do assessments on how your body moves, and then proceed with my treatment. NKT tests movement patterns via muscle testing to help locate where the true problem lies. Being that this work is nuerologiclly based, understanding my thought process is one of my main goals while in session.  Also realizing the body is interconnected helph to understand that a old sprained ankle could be the source of your neck pain.

I have numerous videos on my FB page that will help explain my work in greater detail.  Please click on the FB icon to the left to connect now.  You may also click on the the Contact Me now page and write a synopsis of what you are currently experiencing and see if I would be a good fit for you.